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“Natasha Sapienza is a passionate storyteller. She infuses her very heart into her craft, a heart of sacrificial courage and joyous love. I am looking forward to seeing her author career soar.”

– CBA Young Adult Best-selling fantasy author, Bryan Davis (Dragons in Our Midst Series)


Who am I?

If you would have told me four-and-a-half years ago that I’d be an author, I’d laugh and say, “Writing can be fun, but I’m an actress.” I’m glad the God I serve isn’t so limited in His thinking.

I have written over 300 blog posts, two ebooks, and I’m working on a third, as well as the second book in a high-fantasy trilogy, with acting on the back-burner.

You can check out my eBooks on Amazon:

Kiss A Frog, Miss The Prince

I Get What I Want

What am I about?

I love Jesus and people. I particularly have a heart for youth and my generation (I’m twenty-six). I’m passionate about teaching others how to grow in their relationship with God and how to do relationships His way.

What do I do?

You already gathered that I write, but I’m also a mother, and me and hubby make relationship videos we share on YouTube.

What to expect

Posts on
-false prophets & teachers
-personal lessons God is teaching me
-overcoming sin
-abortion/pro-life posts
-commentary on controversial news

Get familiar

If you were interested in checking out my ebook, it’s 99 cents on Amazon. Here’s the link.

And here are some of my top posts:

Choosing who to marry

Mind-blown at God. Seriously

If you are Catholic, please read this

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