Mind-blown At The Fact That God Is Truly My Co-Writer

I’m currently working on the second book in a fantasy trilogy. Last night, while at a brother’s home, we discussed the false teaching of the Rapture. After much dialogue, this morning I was compelled to research the origin of this belief. I wasn’t shocked by its late start-up (the 18th century, when Joseph Smith was likewise receiving contrary-to-Scripture “visions”). But as I got into prayer, just thanking God for His unfailing Truth, it hit me: there’s parallels in my trilogy to The Great Tribulation.

It’s fascinating to me that before endeavoring to write this trilogy, all I knew was what the seven main characters were going to represent. I also knew there would be a character who represented God the Father and Creator and then shortly after starting that there would be a book that represents the Bible. However, it wasn’t until after I’d finished writing book one that a slew of biblical parallels began to shine forth.

I pray every single time I’m about to write. I invite God into the process, asking Him to bless and anoint me and to lead the story. I’m mind-blown at just how much He’s honored those prayers.

I don’t want to give any spoilers, but from what I currently know, there’s parallels of the Holy Spirit, of the pre-tribulation “birth pangs” Jesus speaks of in Matthew 24, anti-christ and the false prophet, the Great Tribulation, and the New Jerusalem. Again, none of this was planned. I didn’t premeditate any of these parallels, only the few I mentioned earlier.

So my encouragement to every Christian fiction writer is to really pray and offer your work to God. Trust Him to give you the story and really commit it to Him. It’s amazing to have the God of the universe as your co-writer. Are not our gifts meant to build up the Church and glorify God? I pray all of you use your gifts for the above purposes, whatever those gifts may be. Let’s sew into eternity with what we’ve been given today.

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  1. I thank God right now for blessing you and letting you share what he has done in your life with us. I am an aspiring writer, non fiction, though. I have two summaries already written that I am very excited to start writing. I’ve notice that every time I get a story line its after a preaching or listening to gospel music. As mush as I want to start writing, my grammar skills suck, lol. But my friend introduce me to several free online course websites and soon in September I will be starting a very extensive English course along with going to school and working(hopefully). But I believe and pray that I will pass this course and learn alot to start writing these books to help teach others about workign through the most unlikely people.

    Thank you again for sharing. I really needed to read this!!

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